The Vermont Escapade- A Photo Journal (So Much Coffee, Good God )

Vermont Highways Rivendell Books, heck yes! Montpelier VTInside Rivendell Books, Montpelier VTRawr, Books Coffee Corner, Montpelier VTThe burgers, best burger of the whole trip, VTCoffee Corner, Montpelier, VTDiner food, roadtrip fare, photographyBook stores in Montpelier, VTMontpelier, VTSouvenirs, good god yes!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetGas Stations here are lovely no? Vermont

We left New Hampshire with a deep longing to be back, soon. We almost thought about staying an extra day, and then another one after that but considering we had already extended our stay there, we braced our hearts and moved on in the direction of Montpelier, VT. We jumped on a highway and then an hour later were subtly dumped off it, onto a byway that wound through lovely green hills, gentle curves and bumps leading us deeper into the state.

Little towns here and there, me and Kat wondering if our GPS had yet again led us astray, a forever deep longing for more coffee. And then, just as we were starting to loose hope, we started seeing signs for Montpelier, the road dipped down into a valley and all of a sudden, a turn here a turn there, we were parking and getting out onto streets that wouldn’t have been out of place on a movie set. Our first stop was a book store because, well. It was called Rivendell books, and even though our luggage was already to bursting with stuff and souvenirs, it’s not like either one of us has a will of iron. A most excellent cheeseburger at Coffee Corner was the cherry on top of this Vermont milkshake (and wow that’s a really odd  and slightly gross sentence isn’t it?). And you know what, even the gas station we stopped at before entering the utterly confusing realm of Connecticut was lovely.

So, I can tell you, Vermont was just as beautiful as i’ve heard and then some. And then a bucket more on top of that some. I would have loved to spend a whole month there, bump along the seemingly always under construction roads, green mountains and valleys along every turn of the highway, and coffee fueling me past the time when I should have caught some shut eye. The state made me want to buy books, dress in my sunday best and smile at strangers on the street. It was the embodiment of loveliness, as close to “quaint” as you can get while still being utterly majestic in its own way.



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