Champney Falls, NH- A Photo Journal (and also, my phone died)

White Mountains National Forest

White Mountains, NH foliage

New Hamshire white mountains river

New Hampshire forest photography

New Hampshire mountains

Champney Falls, NH waterfall photography

Champney Falls trail signs

Trail signs in New Hampshire

Up the steps, New Hampshire travel photography

White mountains, green

Rivers here, man, they're magical

Champney Falls, NH

~Continuing the photographic adventures I had with a good friend back in May that i’ve just now finally gotten ’round to editing….. ahem, procrastination, I am thy humble slave…

To say I was good at any part of this would be a terrible, terrible lie. I wouldn’t stop taking photographs, Kat trail blazed like a pro, and I fell down numerous times, though thankfully I somehow managed not to break my camera even a little. At the falls my phone, though being perfectly fine throughout the hike up, decided to commit suicide and turned itself off till we had gotten back to the start of the trail. Cheeky little thing.
We snacked on really unhealthy frosted donuts and water, completely alone up in trail, enjoying the falls all to ourselves, and while my joints ached with disuse and I half wanted to die a little, I want to go back one day soon and do it all over again.


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