Heading Up to the Falls- Photo Journal with None too Steady Hands

New Hampshire foliage
Exploring up in the white Mountains, NH
NH river photography
Exploring in the NH white mountains
New Hampshire forests
Nature in the white mountains
Explorers in New Hampshire
New Hampshires White Mountains
A view down, in the white mountains NH
A river while heading up to the Falls, NH

a continuation of adventures I’ve only just got around to sharing that happened back at the end of May….

My first time up in the woods, actual woods and not just a particularly overgrown backyard. Kat showed me what real thighs are made of, and I learned Texas had not prepared me for the hardship of up-up-up and forever forward. Also, shaky hands do not make the best of a photographer, but a snap here and a snap there are better than just throwing the damned heavy thing in our shared backpack and giving up. Determination, thy name was discovered in the rainy downpour of a New Hampshire trail.



  1. ComaDiary · October 6, 2014

    These photos are lovely, shaky hands or not!

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