Wandering the Bedrock in Converse- New Hampshire Adventures

River Exploring in New Hampshire

These photos are from me and my good friend Kats 2 week adventure back at the end of May. We started with 3 days in NYC after which we took a bus up to Boston where we rented a bitchin’ Mustang we nicknamed Sally for a 5 days roadtrip.  We ended up exploring in Maine , and while I still have a couple of photos to edit and post from the Maine part of the journey, I  wanted to go through these first, just to remember…

The Lovely Kat in New Hampshire The Sky Here above the trees, New Hampshire New Hampshire river photography New Hampshire river and Kat Lets go to New Hampshire, White Mountains Kat in the rivers of New Hampshire New Hampshire rivers New Hampshire riverbed Exploring with Kat in New Hampshires rivers Exploring in New Hampshires rivers

Good times. Just, really good times.

I love big city architecture, museums bustling with exhibits, greasy spoon diners, small towns with tiny coffee shops, and rolling down the highways with classic rock blasting. You know, the usual things you would expect a traveler to like. But laying down on cool rocks after a long day of driving, not a single person around except for the person laughing on the rocks next to you, it’s going down as something I want to experience again and again.


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