Old Cars and Dusty Roadways- Pilot Point, Texas

Vintage cars in Pilot Point Texas Pats Auto Sales, Pilot Point PhotographyOld gas station in Pilot Point Texas Pilot Point cars, photography in texas pilot point gas station Walcott and Washington, Pilot Point Been a little bit busier than expected this past week and I’ve been lacking in my posting on here because of it, so here’s a quick one with some photos from the mini-roadtrip I took around northern Texas last weekend. Me and the bf left around noon and didn’t come back till 7pm, wandering around farm roads, coasting on the edges of lakes and getting lost in the LBJ Grasslands. I popped cornnuts and iced tea in the passenger seat, playing music and enjoying the landscape, keeping my eye out for places to explore and (not) trespass.

I still have photos from my may trip all over the East Coast to post, not to mention the ones from my recent adventure in Colorado, and  when you add the ones I took on this jaunt… I’m honestly thinking of listening to chillvibe mixes on 8tracks and editing/curating for a solid 12 hours, before I indadvertedly end up on another trip, since a friend  recently mentioned Seattle in November as a good idea.  Ah well, Happy September!


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