Unweaving the Rainbow in the Redwoods- Northern California/ Frisco, Texas

California Redwoods, Avenue of Giants

These past few days, apart from obsessing over U2 and catching up with penpals, i’ve finally started to work my way through the backlog of books i’ve got tumbling off my shelves. And it IS a very necessary endeavor, let me just say…currently i’ve got a lovely edition a friend gifted me of the Once and Future King by T.H White acting like decoration,  Cosmos by Carl Sagen dancing an odd tango with my copy of 1Q84 by H. Murakami , not to mention all the other fiction/decidedly not fiction books battling it out amongst my fashion/art magazines. So, with that mess in mind, I decided to slip Unweaving the Rainbow-R. Dawkins into my bag to take to work and read through on my lunch breaks. California red moss and redwoods Redwood forrest Roadtripping through the california redwoods

I’ve gotten into the odd habit of purchasing books, “sciency” books as my friends like to say, on trips, and Unweaving the Rainbow was one that I bought back in January, when I stopped in at Gallery Bookshop, a beautiful bookstore in the ever gorgeous town of Mendocino, California. I had  taken 10 days off to visit my best friend in San Francisco, but after finding out that her time off request had fallen through, I decided to take a small 3 day roadtrip up through Northern California to coincide with the days that she would be working.  It was the first time I had gone off by myself on an adventure, a journey of my own design, and getting to see the beauty of Mt. Shasta  , the foggy mountains in Oregon the swell of ocean waves in Crescent City and of course the monumental beauty of Redwoods (to name just a few of the places I was lucky enough to explore), it feels like such a big part of my past year, even if in actuality it was only a handful of days.Light between the redwoods Redwoods, Northern california In the Avenue of GiantsAvenue of Giants, A slice of peace

So, apart from being a ridiculously engrossing book to read while indulging my coffee addiction at lunch time, Unweaving the Rainbow also manages to put a calm joy in my heart that helps me get through the more challenging of days. Already for my next trip (whenever that might be!), i’m hoping to find a copy of Creation Revisited by P. Atkins to keep this “sciency” books tradition going…


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