Unweaving the Rainbow in the Redwoods- Northern California/ Frisco, Texas

California Redwoods, Avenue of Giants

These past few days, apart from obsessing over U2 and catching up with penpals, i’ve finally started to work my way through the backlog of books i’ve got tumbling off my shelves. And it IS a very necessary endeavor, let me just say…currently i’ve got a lovely edition a friend gifted me of the Once and Future King by T.H White acting like decoration,  Cosmos by Carl Sagen dancing an odd tango with my copy of 1Q84 by H. Murakami , not to mention all the other fiction/decidedly not fiction books battling it out amongst my fashion/art magazines. So, with that mess in mind, I decided to slip Unweaving the Rainbow-R. Dawkins into my bag to take to work and read through on my lunch breaks. California red moss and redwoods Redwood forrest Roadtripping through the california redwoods

I’ve gotten into the odd habit of purchasing books, “sciency” books as my friends like to say, on trips, and Unweaving the Rainbow was one that I bought back in January, when I stopped in at Gallery Bookshop, a beautiful bookstore in the ever gorgeous town of Mendocino, California. I had  taken 10 days off to visit my best friend in San Francisco, but after finding out that her time off request had fallen through, I decided to take a small 3 day roadtrip up through Northern California to coincide with the days that she would be working.  It was the first time I had gone off by myself on an adventure, a journey of my own design, and getting to see the beauty of Mt. Shasta  , the foggy mountains in Oregon the swell of ocean waves in Crescent City and of course the monumental beauty of Redwoods (to name just a few of the places I was lucky enough to explore), it feels like such a big part of my past year, even if in actuality it was only a handful of days.Light between the redwoods Redwoods, Northern california In the Avenue of GiantsAvenue of Giants, A slice of peace

So, apart from being a ridiculously engrossing book to read while indulging my coffee addiction at lunch time, Unweaving the Rainbow also manages to put a calm joy in my heart that helps me get through the more challenging of days. Already for my next trip (whenever that might be!), i’m hoping to find a copy of Creation Revisited by P. Atkins to keep this “sciency” books tradition going…


U2 and Hiding Behind My Camera- Postcards from all Over

Blue Ridgeway Postcard and Fables (  I’ve been on a rather insane U2 kick this past week , going through their albums in random sequences, till I ended up at my favorite, The Joshua Tree, about three days ago. And well, i’ve been there since. There’s a power to the lyrics, the almost unfinished melodies, that just opens me up and shakes me to more honest pieces.   )

FablesandCoffee and Travel Postcards mountains pencil case photography, etsy, fables and coffeeCupcake Girl Pencil Case and Note things Newport Rhode Island, Pinned Postcard

Unlike everything else I pour myself into, be it prose, illustrations, songs, videos, sewing or journalling, getting behind the camera never felt as intimate as everything else. Not even close. Shimmying on my tummy to get closer to a better shot, my shirt riding up and dirt all over my jeans, lips chapped and hair blowing all over the place, I still never felt as off balanced as when I handed someone lyrics to read over, or even a short audio clip of me singing them. I’ve stood in the rushing tides of Times Square, getting gently bumped  and stared at by strangers as I shot some filler footage for a project, and still didn’t feel as exposed as sending someone a sketch I agonized over for hours. Wanderlust Pencil Case Travel PostcardsA vintage Feel, from penpals, library catalogue cards Vermont, Travel Postcard, Wanderlust in SeriesVintage Travel Postcards, USA

I would never call myself a photographer, not with true conviction. But  after spending a year where the only real thing I pursued was the idea of getting better at capturing the moments i’m in, that ever elusive goal of attaining a slice of eternity in one shot, I can say with some certainty, i’m starting to feel myself become personal with this.  (This realization, btw, came in the middle of the melodies of Running To A Stand Still, and sparkled my eyes with something I still can’t explain. ) Brooklyn Bridge Double Exposure Photography Pencil Case Intimate moments, from penpals, pinned memories
Maybe thats just how it is though. When you pursue something, and give yourself over to it, how long really, till it becomes something you hold dear, in even a small way. Maybe i’m not the easiest person to get to know, at least as i’ve been told, but when 80% of my time is spent creating things I pour all parts of myself into, when my innermost thoughts are continuously being mined for ideas and inspiration… when I scoop up every raw emotion to use as source code for the basis of projects, I can’t imagine there would be much left over for idle conversations. Ah, i’m rambling now I think, or headed there so i’ll just say, photography, you’ve been a fun pursuit and I’m truly excited to see where we’ll go this next year.


A Series of Furry Creatures Bumpin’ Into My Path- South West Colorado

Colorado Cat, South Fork Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset Little wildlife in south west colorado Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetOddly enough, even with all the traveling i’ve done this past year, I haven’t really seen a lot of what you would call “wildlife”, or at least I haven’t photographed any, apart from an overly curious fawn in Tennessee, and some really battered looking seagulls in San Francisco. So, even though it wasn’t ever my goal to be a nature photographer, I still had a bit of a craving to capture the creatures that inhabit the places I visit, that call home the spots I wish were my own.

On my recent adventure in Colorado, whether I was running around the fields in the shadow of giants, testing the limits of mortality by balancing on rocks over the edge of a waterfall, driving along empty stretches of highway, or just trying to figure out how to check out from our hotel in the wee hours of the morning, it seems I kept bumping into furry cuties, and it couldn’t have made the trip more perfect.


Exploring the Streets and Architecture In Belfast, Maine

(From my end of May trip with my good friend Kat. We spent 10 days exploring the east coast of the USA, and one of the days we spent exploring a good chunk of north Maine. We stayed in Belfast and after finishing up some wandering in the streets of Seasport, and then venturing around the woods and coastline of Moose Point State Park, we headed into Belfast for a quick hour or so of touristy shopping and just walking amid civilization again.)

Belfast was….something else. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, at all, coming into this town, but the morning was bright, the fog dissipating a good bit, and the momentum for exploration amid buildings was deep in our lungs after getting our fill of trees and calm ocean waves. The locals were by half oddly standoffish or deeply friendly, depending on what shop you went into. I got a friend a hand embroidered dishtowel, and myself a glass jar of berry jam at one of the rather stodgy shops, and a whole slew of postcards and magnets at a more homey and eclectic ice cream place down towards the docks. Perhaps not a town I would go back to again and again, like some other parts of Maine, but it was definitely worth a quick visit and it was fun to explore the architecture and see unique touches in the buildings there. Also, postcards for friends, and a moose magnet for my fridge, definitely a good stop on our roadtrip.


Mail from the Road- US 160

Colorado mountains from on the Road feet up on the dashboard, us 160Sometimes things combine beautifully to create an atmosphere of fantastic inspiration. Early morning sunrise, driving back home from a fantastic (if short) trip, feet propped up on the dashboard and a smooth road with mountains on all sides and a clear horizon in the distance. This would be the perfect time to catch up on letters, explore words on paper, expound on the virtues of mountains and their rugged perfections.

US 160, snailmailing on the road US 160, Photos from on the road Writing on the road US160 US 160, sketching on the road

I’m polishing up everything now that i’m home, making envelopes and slipping souvenirs inside, but the initial inspiration from on the road, I’m hoping that shines through like a ray of sun from behind towering mountains.