Sleepy Sundays, a Town Called Searsport- Maine

A lovely little town called Seasport in Maine that me and Kat went exploring around at before we headed to Belfast. It was a Sunday when we were there so most everything was closed and that coupled with the cloudy grey skies, made all the colors and details stand out in relief to the fog.

The cafe we stopped in at was warm and deserted at that time of the morning so we had it to ourselves to wake up and plan the rest of our day in calm. It was a very different kind of morning, waking up to foggy windows at the cottage we stayed at, no people on the streets and the idea of being able to explore wherever and have the area to ourselves. I would love to come back at a more busy time of the year and see this place light up, but this by itself was a loveliness of it’s own kind.
~ m

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