Scales of the Universe- Museum of Natural History, NYC

These Scales of the UniverseHeilbrunn Cosmic PathwayHayden theater 81st Street ViewScales of the UniverseA Galaxy in Flux

Science is the name of the game here, discovery and wonder as well, but you’d have to be pretty set in your ways not to call this place, especially the Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway, anything short of deliriously beautiful and slightly magical.

It's magnificent herePlanets in Scale Inside the Museum of Natural History Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway Photograph these pathways Saturn and Jupiter in ScaleLovely Architecture in the Natural History Museum Take a look up at Saturn Architectural Love in the Natural History Museum

This would be the last part of the Museum of Natural History me and Kat explored before heading out into the rainy weather to inquire about the possibility of food.  And while there are so many parts of the museum I didn’t get to see, I can say with certainty that the places and exhibits I did manage to marvel over, they were amazing and fantastic. And yes, I will totally be back one day, and then probably the next day, and then the day after that. Not only was almost every part of the museum full of mentally stimulating articles of interest, you get the feeling that everyone here, from the visitors to the people working and studying here, they very much want to be here. To the very foundations of the building, there is an intense adoration here. A love for learning, for reaching for more and further frontiers and ultimately for a betterment through discovery.


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