Towards South Street Seaport – Manhattan, NY

After resting a bit at Battery Park, me and Kat walked up through the financial district towards….well…east-ish. We had the vague notion of ending up somewhere near the Brooklyn Bridge, or at the very least thats where I was steering us. After a couple of odd turns, a stop in at a random coffee shop off the main street (delicious organic mocha frapps make the best little energy boost for slightly worn down travelers) we wound up by the South Street Seaport and the SS Peking. The breeze coming off the water was refreshing in the slightly oppressive humidity bearding down on us, and the clouds shifting everything into a blue light were a gift for the photographer in our duo. This is another area in Manhattan that i’d really like to come back to and explore more, both for the people watching opportunities and the crooked streets.

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