Battery Park Views, Financial District Architecture- South Manhattan, NYC

I’m not sure why this was our next stop after the wanderings in Central Park, although maybe it’s because I always love walking around the financial districts of almost every city I visit ( Boston and San Francisco in particular) and admiring the architecture that at most points outright demands your attention, though usually in classy ways. I was also on a mission to make sure that Kat saw at least 75% of all the touristy, most talked about, most visited things in NYC, and while we had already decided we weren’t going to get on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty in all her green glory, I still wanted Kat to catch at least some glimpse of her. So, we got on the R train, stepped off at Rector street and headed ever more south, towards Battery Park.  And though the most impressive sights of the day came later, staring up from underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, these were pretty swell too. Also, say what you will about Wall St., those men sure know how to dress, even the skaters popping ollies were sharply dressed.


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