Towards Bethesda Fountain- Central Park, NYC

After resting up a bit from the admittedly muggy and slightly out of control humidity pouring down on us, me and Kat headed further into Central Park. She had a wish to find and gaze upon the statue of Balto and I had a craving to see Alice in Wonderland and then maybe collapse under some shade. From where we had started, it seemed like we only had to walk a bit to get to both our desires but the thing about Central Park is really, it’s so huge. Gods, ever so ginormous and wonderfully full of things to see (and in my case) photograph. We passed under the green arches of lovely trees and ignored the temptations of dozens of available benches to fold ourselves onto, keeping on deeper and deeper into whatever direction we were heading towards(north I reckon it was) .

And while we did eventually come upon wondrous Balto and the oh so climbable collection of Alice in Wonderland statues, the journey to get there was just as brilliant as finding what we were looking for.


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