Art Journal, ’tis All Fiction

blank art journal.jpgI bought this journal way back in March, a little after my birthday, with the idea of finally having a place to spill out thoughts in color.

necessary craft tools

stitches in time blurry journal

Of course, life got in the way, the way it usually does and it’s not till now, ever many months later, I finally got started on it. I wrote about my last journal in Art Journals and Shared Art and how I was never happy with the direction my thoughts went whenever I tried to taper thoughts down in a fine point on paper. So I went in a different direction this time, listening to an admittedly weird (but relaxing) mix of chillstep music combined with early 00’s latin pop hits, thoughts of street art floating in my head alongside architecture and semi-couture fashion.

fashion art journal.jpgthe idea behind it all art journal.jpg20140604-194611-71171665.jpg20140604-194613-71173436.jpg

And well, i’m actually pretty happy with the way this first step turned out. There’s a funny little excitement I haven’t felt in a long time, that feeling you get when you’re not scared of filling up blank pages anymore.

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