Books and Postcards in Central Park- Manhattan,NYC



Heading towards Central Park, our first real destination for exploration of the day, we got tangled up in the joy of books and postcards when we came across this Strand outpost just outside the boundaries of the park. I always pick up postcards when I come across them for my penpals, but these were beyond your run of the mill “I LOVE NYC” postcards, something to send to my friends who despair of kitschy souvenirs.  And while I didn’t need another book, it seems to have become a tradition of mine to buy at least one book whenever I travel, so I finally picked up Cosmos by Carl Sagen, something to swirl my headspace a bit.




I can’t honestly see myself living in New York again,too many other cities I want to fall in love with… but browsing through books while yellow cabs sped down the streets, hearing the murmur of passerby’s headed into the calm of a place to sit in the park, sharing a laugh with the book vendor as he asked me if that was all after I handed him what could surely have been a hundred postcards, there’s always going to be something about NYC, a moment, a place, that pulls you in and makes you understand what compels so many people to yearn to call it home.




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