Look Up, Look Around – Grand Central Terminal, NYC

The ornate arches in Grand Central A Specific Sign These Views Kill Me- Grand Central StationThis View- Grand CentralSee these constellation Let Me Fall In Love Here

There are a lot of place in Manhattan, in the world really, that are beautiful and can create a feeling of cherished awe inside a soul the moment you step inside. I have been at the edge of a wild coastline, staring out to the relentless ocean….I have stood on and beneath structures both immense and filled with the glory of brilliance, and I have bathed in the last light of the day shinning from the peaks of rugged mountains in slightly god forsaken places… and while I couldn’t tell you without a doubt that Grand Central Station deserves to be on everyones list of places to visit and marvel, it is most deservedly on mine. 

The Passerbys in Grand Central Lets Go- Grand Central Goddess it's beautiful here Kat Looks Up in Grand Central

If you tell me “I’m planning on visiting Manhattan” I will probably grab you by the shoulders and beg that you visit so, so many places, but the one that I will pause on, the one that I will say “Really, it’s hard to explain why, but please, take a pause here.” is Grand Central. I am in love with the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park always causes the inner explorer in me to go slightly batty, St. Patricks Cathedral makes me glow and light up inside, and museums abound in beauty and greatness here but. Grand Central station has an exceptional wonder that is hard to quantify in specific qualities, difficult to explain in words alone.

These Halls - Grand Central In the USA Black and White in the Gold of Grand Central Perhaps theres too much to love here We're Swimming in Opposite Directions This View- Grand CentralA Peek Up in Grand Central

There is so much beauty here, the kind that is both quiet and filled with loveliness as well as the kind that demands you look, really look, take in all the splendor. After exploring south manhattan with Kat, taking in the views beneath Brooklyn Bridge, we walked north-westish (that’s a real direction, trust me) and ended up in China town. We ate dinner at the Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, then got on the 6 train from Canal street and headed towards the Grand Central stop. And from there…

Grand Central Station 'tis all lovely in Grand Central Station Look up in Grand CentralAwe in Grand Central

Shaky hands from too much caffeine and jittery legs, iPhone shots to send to my friends immediately, and feeling overwhelmed with love for this place that I remembered ever so fondly from my childhood and teen years. I loved looking around and exchanging smiles with other people taking photographs of this amazing place, all the while making sure to stay out of the way of people rushing by to catch their trains, hurrying by to keep up with life.  Like the rest of Manhattan, you’re surrounded by all kinds of people, and with my love for people watching, soaking in all the details of life blurring by, this is the kind of place I could spend a day in, sketching life and jotting down thousands of ideas on rough paper pieces. Also, with all the dining options available here, you really could spend the day wandering in and out of the various levels and areas. I think Kat is probably grateful that I didn’t make her stay all day, but the time we spent here was really fantastic, and one of my favorite memories of the time we spend in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge, I Obsess Over You- Manhattan, NY

So, I like bridges.
The monumental ones that are bigger than life, conquer all fears, and blaze in the most wanderlust filled of dreams. The small ones that barely count as more than a stepping stone from one side to the other and yet fill a visual need that barely existed before. I like their structures, their purpose, the hard won expansion and bulky modesty. From the immense thrill of driving across one as the sun sets, windows rolled all the way down and music blasting,to the quiet wonder of walking beneath one, breeze rolling off the water and uplifting my spirit towards the highest points of construction.

Bridges are freakin’ brilliant is what i’m saying.
And my most favorite of them probably comes as no surprise. Completed in 1833, at the time the longest suspension bridge, it’s neo-Gothic beauty hasn’t faded even a bit. So after taking a gander at the SS Peking and passing by a weirdly subdued South Street Seaport, me and Kat followed behind joggers and bicyclist on the East River Bikeway to get a pretty fantastic view of the Brooklyn Bridge. And while I think Kat wasn’t too enthused about having me drag her half across Manhattan just to view a bridge, I fully maintain that you haven’t truly seen Manhattan till you’ve been both slightly harassed by a weird dude on the subway AND seen the Brooklyn Bridge up close and personal. The weird dude on the subway came later btw.
But that’s a story for another post.

Towards South Street Seaport – Manhattan, NY

After resting a bit at Battery Park, me and Kat walked up through the financial district towards….well…east-ish. We had the vague notion of ending up somewhere near the Brooklyn Bridge, or at the very least thats where I was steering us. After a couple of odd turns, a stop in at a random coffee shop off the main street (delicious organic mocha frapps make the best little energy boost for slightly worn down travelers) we wound up by the South Street Seaport and the SS Peking. The breeze coming off the water was refreshing in the slightly oppressive humidity bearding down on us, and the clouds shifting everything into a blue light were a gift for the photographer in our duo. This is another area in Manhattan that i’d really like to come back to and explore more, both for the people watching opportunities and the crooked streets.

Random Artsy Things, A Texas Mind in Flux

20140625-130640-47200321.jpgLife gets busy, life gets all over the place, even during the idle days of summer. Currently i’m working fulltime at my day job as a pharmacy tech, which leaves precious little time for all my creative passions, not to mention adding in trying to brush up my Spanish skills a bit more (and thinking about another language to add…German prods at me, but Russian seems like a good idea for my future career choices….) and trying to get myself into better shape as well (oh jogging, here I come apparently) . My letters to pen-pals are starting to resemble a modest mountain, my books to read have gone from being lovingly displayed on shelves to getting buried under swatches of fabric, and my product sketches are starting to fall into my art journal and have a hard time finding their way out.

Singer Sewing Machine Canon 60D My Love

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Still, i’m learning to move my mentality from “tomorrow, or idk, how about waiting till my next day off?….” to  something more like “ok, get it together you noodle! Go do stuff! Actual stuff, not Tumblr!” . This isn’t to say i’m still not floundering on tumblr over photosets of Chris Evans and/or Sebastian Stan, it just means i’ve started avoiding blogs that deal exclusively with yummy human beings. Which….that makes me sounds a bit like a cannibal doesn’t it? Wells, just going to leave it at that anyways, the sentiment is similar enough.It's All Moot Pink Alpaca Feet

A cheery almost- end of June! Enjoy a cool mix:




Battery Park Views, Financial District Architecture- South Manhattan, NYC

I’m not sure why this was our next stop after the wanderings in Central Park, although maybe it’s because I always love walking around the financial districts of almost every city I visit ( Boston and San Francisco in particular) and admiring the architecture that at most points outright demands your attention, though usually in classy ways. I was also on a mission to make sure that Kat saw at least 75% of all the touristy, most talked about, most visited things in NYC, and while we had already decided we weren’t going to get on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty in all her green glory, I still wanted Kat to catch at least some glimpse of her. So, we got on the R train, stepped off at Rector street and headed ever more south, towards Battery Park.  And though the most impressive sights of the day came later, staring up from underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, these were pretty swell too. Also, say what you will about Wall St., those men sure know how to dress, even the skaters popping ollies were sharply dressed.