Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Well, attempts to control events in my life and plan things like my future better have gone by the wayside. But, since currently nothing is on fire, I’ve got money in my pocket and my cars wheels are still rolling, I think I can breathe and just let stuff be.

Amid the craziness of looking for a better day job, planning my 10 day east coast trip with Kat the Magnificent (so far NYC and Boston are solid destinations, everything else is wonderfully up in the air, and a rental car has been reserved for added exploration!), trying to finish various art projects and also keep up with my friends and penpals, trying to find a ribbon of calm can be a frustrating endeavor. But you can find joy in the clutter and madness, and i’m finding I can ride the wave of energetic nuttiness that life brings to those who live on the edges of “normalcy” rather well, and honestly, i’m pretty happy here on the outer rings of a constellation of adventures.


Letter Runes and Incredible Art- Snailmail Loveliness

IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3321 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326 IMG_3327

I don’t usually share the wonders I receive in the mail from my penpals, not because they’re not worth sharing (they always are) but because I feel like it’s akin to exposing ones warm skin to cold water. The letters I receive are usually pretty personal and I would feel odd displaying them on the web, but every so often I get something that literally brings tears of joy to my eyes and I just burn with the desire to share the loveliness, I actually feel slightly selfish that I’m the only one that gets to open something so incredible and bask in the fantastic worlds of a person who I can call not only my penpal, but my friend. And so, when I got this explosion of amazing in the mail yesterday, I spent a good hour just visually devouring everything, and then I sent a horribly rambly message to the sender, my friend Rutger from the Netherlands, telling him how amazeballs he is and if he could please allow me to share his art on my blog. I was granted his gracious permission and so, here it is. He wrote his letter in anglo-saxon runes (and thankfully included translation notes as i’m not quite fluent in them as he is, or you know, at all) and apart from the joy of decrypting his letter, he also sent 6 artworks of his. Mindblowing stuff, just. Really. His mind will never cease to be a source of inspiration for me, and apart from supporting my nutty ways, he is a wonderful dragon lord genius.