Ft. Bragg Pt. 2 Main Street & Skunk Trains

(Cont. from Pt 1. The Glass Beach )

After having taken my sweet time exploring the beach in Ft. Bragg, I realized I was a little more than pressed for time (blame me sleeping in more than I had planned to for that) and was going to have to zoom down the California coast a little if I wanted to make it back to San Francisco in time to return my rental car. So I headed back through the main part of town to head in the direction of Mendocino, my next planned stop. And really, I meant to just drive straight through, but well….this little town is just so full of charm and character, it would have been a mini tradgedy to not at least stop for a bit to take it in a little. At least thats what I told myself as I pulled into the Skunk Train parking lot. Btw, if you’re wondering what a Skunk Train is exactly, it’s this rather awesome train that, in the official websites own words has, “Forty miles of railroad run through majestic redwood forests, scenic mountain meadows, and over 30 trestles bridging the pristine mountain waters of Northern California”. Fantastic no? Yet another reason in the dozens i’ve compiled to come back here and spend a good couple of days just enjoying the general loveliness.



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