Grants Pass (“It’s the Climate”)- Oregon

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Driving from Yrka, California up through the southernmost border of Oregon, to come splintering back into California through giant redwoods, I had to pass through a number of tiny towns that fly past on the highway without a second glance, the only reason for stopping being the rumble in a tummy or an interesting sideshow attraction. I stopped in Grants Pass for the first, a yearning on my lips for something more solid than just coffee and gas station donuts. Having stashed some fresh bread and 4 lovely warm apple turnovers in my car, I thought about taking a look around, to see what this small town might have hidden at it’s center. What I found was a lovely passionate calm that reminded me of the smaller towns i’ve passed through in Texas, and the beauty of being surrounded all around by mountains tall and cold, a fine fog and mist covering and uncovering the town on it’s whim. A perfect stop before heading into the dark and magnificent quiet of the Redwood Highway.


Mendocino You Were Lovely

Mendocino was the stop between Ft. Bragg and Bodega Bay, and there’s not a lot of words I could sputter out that could accurately capture the charms of this small coastal town. It was well and truly a lovely, fantastic place and getting to enjoy a strong cup of coffee there while walking around the gently curving streets down towards the sound of waves, I have only the best memories for the short few hours I spent here.


In a Field, By the Edge of the Ocean- California

These are some photos from the mini-roadtrip I took down the northern California coast back in January. I’m honestly still going through most of them actually, because while it was only a 3 day roadtrip, I still managed to take just a crapton of photos and i’ve not had the most time to look through all of them. So. They will eventually all be up on here, er….hopefully before I go off on some other trip and end up with yet more photos and it just becomes this endless never-ending cycle of photos that never get posted and I just drown under the weight of them all…. but anyways, positive thoughts!

These photos were taken while I was driving from Mendocino towards Bodega Bay on the last day of my trip. I was looking out towards the coastline, still not getting used to the intense beauty each curve of the highway offered, and happened to spot a deserted parking area, in the middle of rolling fields just in sight of the oceans edge… and for some reason it called to me, to stop,to explore for a bit. So I pulled in, grabbed my camera, tucked my car keys into my jeans and took a walk towards the edge. The quiet, gentle sway of the surrounding fields was a wonderful combination to the sounds of waves crashing onto rocks just further on. I was the only one there that day, no people as far as I could see, just the cars speeding by on the highway behind me and the ocean stretching out towards the horizon in front. It was a different kind of peace than the kind that settled in me when I wandered in the shadow of Mt Shasta at the beginning of that roadtrip, when I had felt elated and full of daring exhilaration. This was more quiet, a gentle glowing pocket in my chest, diffusing through my limbs and settling into my bones. I can still feel it, when I close my eyes and think back to that mid morning I spent there. I couldn’t pin in down on a map, the exact location, but moments like that, places found and so easily lost, its why I go on roadtrips. The ways you grow and change, small and simple things, they are just as important to me as landmarks on a city skyline, even if they’re harder to spot.




















Inspiration for March on a Tactile Scale

These past couple of months, whenever I needed inspiration, something to get the tiny hamsters in my head running, I would usually turn to online sources. From Tumblr,  to Pinterest boards, browsing posts allover the blog-o-sphere and reading articles from many spectrums of publications, old and new alike. It’s wonderful, the huge world that is online, all the many thousands of people who are brilliant and creative and all just a click away.


There’s something to be said for the inspiration that can come from more tactile sources, like magazines and books. Right now, whenever I look at books I feel unbearably guilty (probably because I keep buying awesome, amazing books and  then keep piling them all over my apartment and they’re probably all getting to know each other and preparing a mutiny) , and so, magazines it is. I needed to pick up a new journal for my newest artsy project (er, in short, making an art journal and documenting the process, with the end goal of a chunky fantastic journal and footage to splice together for a music/arts video) and while I was at the book store, I took a peek and dive through their magazine section, and these are some gems I found.

~ Yvi (

~ Mark (

~ Hi Fructose (

~ Flow ( )

Some of these i’ve read before, some are new ones that caught my eye, and while i’m not sure if i’ll be buying all of them again, they will hopefully help grow the urge to push myself further into the areas i’m interested in but haven’t yet quite dived into. My confidence is a quiet and small thing, and while I wouldn’t wish it to be a rampaging elephant, I could at least aim for the calm certainty of a steady river.

Slipping my fingers over the glossy pages of Mark, I get the rush that comes from  the beauty of perviously unseen and innovative architecture, and I acknowledge that perhaps i’m too afraid of being noticed, of making ripples. This issues of Yvi focuses on the theme of Liberation, and I can’t help but think that on the heels of the last thought, it’s oddly fitting. The cover of Flow features the quote ” Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”- Erich Fromme and that is yet another domino falling in the circle of things that point to the inexplicable fact surfacing that perhaps fear is good when it comes to creating, but i’ve been fostering it too much, to the disservice of other emotions. And Hi Fructose is. Well. A cornucopia of fantastical images that sear a desire in me to burst color onto pages and images onto film. 

The first page of any journal is insanely nerve-wracking and gets me all twitchy with the thought of making horrid mistakes, (same with sketchbooks) but… today i’m feeling that maybe I should put the usual fears into a cleverly constructed box and not take them out till a good deal later.

I wish to create, build, innovate, with all the cells in my body humming together in agreement, and all the worlds contained between the pages of those magazines make it feel just that much more possible.


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Ft. Bragg Pt. 2 Main Street & Skunk Trains

(Cont. from Pt 1. The Glass Beach )

After having taken my sweet time exploring the beach in Ft. Bragg, I realized I was a little more than pressed for time (blame me sleeping in more than I had planned to for that) and was going to have to zoom down the California coast a little if I wanted to make it back to San Francisco in time to return my rental car. So I headed back through the main part of town to head in the direction of Mendocino, my next planned stop. And really, I meant to just drive straight through, but well….this little town is just so full of charm and character, it would have been a mini tradgedy to not at least stop for a bit to take it in a little. At least thats what I told myself as I pulled into the Skunk Train parking lot. Btw, if you’re wondering what a Skunk Train is exactly, it’s this rather awesome train that, in the official websites own words has, “Forty miles of railroad run through majestic redwood forests, scenic mountain meadows, and over 30 trestles bridging the pristine mountain waters of Northern California”. Fantastic no? Yet another reason in the dozens i’ve compiled to come back here and spend a good couple of days just enjoying the general loveliness.