NYC- Pt.1

I was born, and for a good while, raised in NYC. My birth in Brooklyn, my schooling in The Bronx, cultural reunions in Queens and my adventurous spirit honed in Manhattan.(er… Staten Island wasn’t much discussed.)20140214-210045.jpg

The photos in this part, are of the NYC most everyone knows, the one that I think everyone should visit, not just for the experience but for that feeling you get of being part of something so encompassing and huge and overwhelming that it kinda scares you but also exhilarates you beyond belief. Being in New York City, Manhattan especially, is unlike being in any other “big” city that I can think of….there’s something so surreal about walking the pavement, brushing past supermodels, grocers, stock brokers, construction workers, famous actors, pretty much every kind of person you can think of…. and i’ve never been somewhere that made me feel more conscious of being ever so “human”. Part of something bigger than just me, the USA, the northern hemisphere, western civilization in general.20140214-210029.jpg20140214-210056.jpg20140214-210104.jpg20140214-210115.jpg20140214-210143.jpg20140214-210135.jpg20140214-210036.jpg 20140214-205954.jpg 20140214-205933.jpg20140214-205926.jpg

I don’t think NYC is magical or anything, and it’s far from a perfect place, but it’s an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else. You can find parts of yourself more easily there, amid the blurry shiny lights and the more intimate places that carve themselves into you without notice till later.

Ct. in Part 2.

Your Architecture Seduced me For Life- Boston, MA

Boston was the first city I fell in love with, the place that instilled in me a love for architecture that I couldn’t say had really been there before.20140212-153725.jpg 20140212-153740.jpg 20140212-153759.jpg

I visited it for half a day, just a blip of a trip, but something about the chill in the air, the communal atmosphere in the food markets(so unlike the usual detachment I had experienced in NYC), sitting next to utterly polite strangers from start to end of the trip, not to mention the almost overwhelming beauty of Boston streets….it hooked itself into my heart and hasn’t let go since.

20140212-153715.jpg 20140212-153707.jpg 20140212-153816.jpg

The shifting lights throughout the day, filtered through the buildings, old and new architecture stretching my eyes to the heavens, the calm of the harbor keeping things at a steady pace. Everything about it was almost magical for the person I was at the time, barely much of a traveler and so new at enjoying an unknown city.

20140212-153700.jpg20140212-153733.jpg20140212-153807.jpg20140212-153825.jpg20140212-153838.jpg20140212-153854.jpg20140212-153900.jpg20140212-153831.jpg20140212-153847.jpgEven now, when i’ve got notches in my heart that correspond with places like Boulder, Sausalito, Santa Fe among others, Boston is still the one etched deepest, and I hope that one day soon I’ll get to go back and fall in love with it more deeply, with the maturity of a more seasoned lover than my previous schoolgirl-like crush. 

Bring Me that Horizon

While I was on my roadtrip last October, I kept a journal with me (along with my Mac) and I would scribble away anything that pinged in my heart whenever the desire struck. I ended up coming back with tons of scraps of words that didn’t quite fit together, so I figured I would lump them all together and call it a collection. 20140211-190001.jpg20140211-185952.jpg

I roared through the Alabama freeways today,while the sunset burnt the sky with a fury that could rival judgment day. A blaze in the sky and crashing waves inside me, twin forces that could propel me into an ecstasy unrivaled by any other passions momentary. I cupped the moments in my mouth and swallowed them whole, into myself, to be saved for those days that eat at the sides of my heart and leave me splintered. I can make myself whole with these memories as guides.

20140211-185915.jpg 20140211-185922.jpgI want to put a pin on every place that your heart has ever desperately longed for, the places that pulled a spark from the depths of your eyes, and I want them to fill all the empty pockets inside me, till i’m close to bursting and showering you with memories.

Lets go, lets go, lets go.

20140211-185930.jpg 20140211-190026.jpg20140211-190011.jpgOn the road I learned to measure how many miles I could make disappear beneath my tires on the least amount of sleep

( 3 hours for ever 400 miles it seems,was my limit)

I mastered the art of giving my heart away, piece by piece,to places I might never see again, and got ever so excellent at tearing chunks of myself out to leave on the foothills of mountains. I feel as if it would take me a year to retrieve every scattered part I left behind, and I haven’t a guarantee that I wouldn’t leave as much or more again.

But there is a yearning in my bones, at the base of my skull and in the tendrils of my lungs that is greater than the parts of me i’ve left behind, those lovely bookmarks, placeholders and pauses that lull me, awake or asleep, to the road again, to chase the morning into night and back again.

20140211-185945.jpg20140211-185945.jpgThe horizon was the color of an old bruise, slowly healing, when I passed the boundaries into Texas tonight, and I’d like to think this old state had missed me and my renegade ways enough to bleed beneath it’s cloudy skin. But, I know this place and it’s steadfast soul, and one more wildcard amid all the crazy eights won’t turn heads here.

My eyes still lingered on the flush of the sky though, and I felt a smile grow on my lips and a spot light up soft in my chest while I made my way home through the familiar dusty, bent highways.


On and on we can roll down these prairie planes and god I love to run with you. We can close our eyes, bodies full of joyous aches, sweet laughter and know love will not falter or fade, become bitter or small. We are ever so tiny, but our love can engulf galaxies unknown. Let us explore them together. 

My Littlest Bones- Tennessee (pt. 2)

I had meant to spend a good portion of the day in the mountains, photographing dips and curves, blues and greens among the yellows and dark oranges, but it seems the storm that I had outrun in Arkansas had tucked itself into my path here. I am a lover of the rain, but my electronics do not share in the pleasure. So I cut my losses, and shredded my agenda down to a mere 2 hour drive through before I crossed into North Carolina.20140210-155205.jpg 20140210-155142.jpg 20140210-155129.jpg

My skin sang with the need to drink in the rain, since I’m usually the sort of mad top that likes to get drenched in the rain till I’m shivering and half dazed… But I didn’t have a towel, but I didn’t have clean socks, but I didn’t want to mess up the rental, but I didn’t but I didn’t but I didn’t. Failure words, those…I still imagine the feel of that cold rain on my tired skin and the sound of quiet hush hush leaves bending in the winds.20140210-155136.jpg 20140210-155122.jpg 20140210-155214.jpg

I can’t say when or even really why but Tennessee has stamped itself into my littlest bones and I will be back to drench myself in it’s nooks and cupboards, I will bathe in it’s sunshine and rain again, in full, sometime soon.20140210-155221.jpg20140210-155235.jpg 20140210-155149.jpg