Bring me to the Mountain

I’ve spent time in the daunting Rockies, seen the Smokies in their quiet glory, but Mt Shasta and it’s rolling foothills is still one of my most favorite places that I’ve visited when it comes to seeking mountains in the US. 20140219-150447.jpg

It was a few days after the start of this New Year that I made the journey from San Francisco ( see my post Up In The Woodsto this lovely mountain and it’s intensely quiet benevolence. There weren’t many (if any) people around when I got to this quiet spot by the lake, the weather a bit on the chilly side and the sun making its steady descent towards night, and so I was able to enjoy the time I spent here in calm solitude.

I live most of the year in an area surrounded by endless fields and concrete jungles, in equal measure, depending on the direction you head in, and getting to spend some time in this kind of quiet, calm and almost pristine landscape, it’s something I treasure dearly.20140219-150351.jpg20140219-150407.jpg 20140219-150358.jpg20140219-150426.jpg20140219-150337.jpg20140219-150415.jpg20140219-150434.jpg20140219-150447.jpgI don’t know if I could survive for long in the small towns that dot these areas, my personality is probably too restless to remain for long, but being in these places, it’s the kind of medicine I think most anyone can benefit from. Among these kinds of giants, it’s wonderful to feel so inconsequential and yet still most definitely part of something.


  1. iosatel · February 19, 2014

    Beautiful images!

    • fablesandcoffee · February 19, 2014

      Thank you thank you!! I don’t feel like these are the best shots I could have taken but I’m glad they’re not utterly terrible :P

      • iosatel · February 19, 2014

        Terrible?! They are amazingly beautiful!!!

      • fablesandcoffee · February 19, 2014

        Well I’ll take that as a very high compliment,since I think your photography is always fantastic!
        Thank you again!

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