The Tree Line, In the Fog


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There’s something about being slightly sleep deprived, running on 3 hours of sleep and more coffee than should be legal, that makes things start to feel like something out of a Tolkien story. Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, you guys are fantastic for foggy days in the  mountains and I think one day i’m going to spend a good chunk of time exploring all your roads, dips and curves, elevations and secret woodland hideouts.

I know most people who have never been to these states write them off as lacking much interest but…. there is such natural beauty here, in and out of the mountains.  In the same way that people focus on the disasters than can happen in Kansas but forget the way the rolling plains can swallow your heart whole, I think most people forget these states on the eastern, southern side of the USA and the fantastical beauty that can be found here. Perhaps there isn’t the majestic wonder you can find in the Rockies, or the wanderlust that can trap you in the highways of California, but there IS something here, an unexpected wild freedom that pops stars in your eyes something fierce.

In these lands, the fog moves over slowly, stealthy fingers across the landscape and you barely notice till the view you were observing has been utterly obscured and all your eyes can make out are curving tree tops and the peaks of mountains in the distance, but the view will come again, and again and again, if you have a heart for patience and a love for landscapes that are ever changing.

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