NYC- Pt.1

I was born, and for a good while, raised in NYC. My birth in Brooklyn, my schooling in The Bronx, cultural reunions in Queens and my adventurous spirit honed in Manhattan.(er… Staten Island wasn’t much discussed.)20140214-210045.jpg

The photos in this part, are of the NYC most everyone knows, the one that I think everyone should visit, not just for the experience but for that feeling you get of being part of something so encompassing and huge and overwhelming that it kinda scares you but also exhilarates you beyond belief. Being in New York City, Manhattan especially, is unlike being in any other “big” city that I can think of….there’s something so surreal about walking the pavement, brushing past supermodels, grocers, stock brokers, construction workers, famous actors, pretty much every kind of person you can think of…. and i’ve never been somewhere that made me feel more conscious of being ever so “human”. Part of something bigger than just me, the USA, the northern hemisphere, western civilization in general.20140214-210029.jpg20140214-210056.jpg20140214-210104.jpg20140214-210115.jpg20140214-210143.jpg20140214-210135.jpg20140214-210036.jpg 20140214-205954.jpg 20140214-205933.jpg20140214-205926.jpg

I don’t think NYC is magical or anything, and it’s far from a perfect place, but it’s an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else. You can find parts of yourself more easily there, amid the blurry shiny lights and the more intimate places that carve themselves into you without notice till later.

Ct. in Part 2.


  1. Kurt · February 15, 2014

    NYC is a perfect city, in part, because it isn’t perfect. That is the human condition. Excellent gallery!

    • fablesandcoffee · February 15, 2014

      I’ve always thought if there was a perfect city to be found, it would possibly be San Francisco. But NYC might be a close second :) Thank you!

  2. juliecrombe · February 15, 2014

    Love NYC! Great shot!

    • fablesandcoffee · February 15, 2014

      Thank you!! :D

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