My Littlest Bones- Tennessee (pt. 2)

I had meant to spend a good portion of the day in the mountains, photographing dips and curves, blues and greens among the yellows and dark oranges, but it seems the storm that I had outrun in Arkansas had tucked itself into my path here. I am a lover of the rain, but my electronics do not share in the pleasure. So I cut my losses, and shredded my agenda down to a mere 2 hour drive through before I crossed into North Carolina.20140210-155205.jpg 20140210-155142.jpg 20140210-155129.jpg

My skin sang with the need to drink in the rain, since I’m usually the sort of mad top that likes to get drenched in the rain till I’m shivering and half dazed… But I didn’t have a towel, but I didn’t have clean socks, but I didn’t want to mess up the rental, but I didn’t but I didn’t but I didn’t. Failure words, those…I still imagine the feel of that cold rain on my tired skin and the sound of quiet hush hush leaves bending in the winds.20140210-155136.jpg 20140210-155122.jpg 20140210-155214.jpg

I can’t say when or even really why but Tennessee has stamped itself into my littlest bones and I will be back to drench myself in it’s nooks and cupboards, I will bathe in it’s sunshine and rain again, in full, sometime soon.20140210-155221.jpg20140210-155235.jpg 20140210-155149.jpg

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