The Excellence of a Turbulent Sky

There are few things that can make my eyes light up and my fingers twitch for a camera like the skies. The horizon always claims my eyes, but a sky at war with itself is a wondrous thing to me.

I’ve run and chased the light, pulled into closed down water parks just for the chance of an  extraordinary glimpse. The heavens have split open and compelled my stillness in the most ordinary of places, a parking lot. And more than once, driving home exhausted from work, i’ve been gifted with a sunset that sparks ideas of nuclear blasts and unforgiving gods with it’s intensity.  20140129-120541.jpg20140129-120549.jpg20140129-120556.jpg20140129-124818.jpg20140129-120608.jpg20140129-124824.jpg

One comment

  1. papercurves · January 31, 2014

    I also really love marveling in the beauty of a pre-storm sky. Clouds are one of nature’s more gorgeous phenomenons. Imagine, floating water molecules up in the sky looking so grand.

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