feet up on the dashboard, us 160

Mail from the Road- US 160

Colorado mountains from on the Road feet up on the dashboard, us 160Sometimes things combine beautifully to create an atmosphere of fantastic inspiration. Early morning sunrise, driving back home from a fantastic (if short) trip, feet propped up on the dashboard and a smooth road with mountains on all sides and a clear horizon in the distance. This would be the perfect time to catch up on letters, explore words on paper, expound on the virtues of mountains and their rugged perfections.

US 160, snailmailing on the road US 160, Photos from on the road Writing on the road US160 US 160, sketching on the road

I’m polishing up everything now that i’m home, making envelopes and slipping souvenirs inside, but the initial inspiration from on the road, I’m hoping that shines through like a ray of sun from behind towering mountains.


Away on adventures in Colorado

Spanish Peaks, South West Colorado Mountains, exploring in ColoradoI’ve been away from here for a good couple of days it seems, and partly that would be because of the roadtrip I went on, as well as recovering from said roadtrip. Me and the boyfriend decided to head to Colorado for a 3 days adventure, and while we pretty much spent a whole combined day driving (the drive from here in Northern Texas to where we were staying in South Fork was a underestimated 12 hours) it was a fun drive, and completely worth it for the time we got to spend exploring mountains, photographing small run down towns, and in general just enjoying the wondrous, gorgeous beauty of South-West Colorado.


girl in red

In Memoriam, in The Mirror- Photography Practice

My camera and the reflectiongirl in redrepose, or not.
Sometimes I get lost behind the camera, behind the pen, behind the noise of my sewing machine. I get caught up in the click-clacking of my keyboard and the words i’m spilling into river in front of me. There comes a time at 3am that I realize I need sleep more than I need to practice my poor pronunciations and conjugations in German. When i’m sitting on the floor instead of my desk, surrounded by notebooks, journals, buttons and ripped sketchbook pages and I think perhaps i’m building up tiny walls and fortresses between the person i’m trying to become and the person that others know.the stretch of limbs shirt folds in shadows hand and goldto stay
After a fiery disaster meltdown of a friendship over the weekend, i’m coming to the realization that maybe I need to take a step back, yet again, and reevaluate the things that fill me with joy, and the things I pursue only because I feel they are worthy goals. July is always the month where I barricade myself behind projects and fade into oblivion when it comes to friends, but then August comes and i’m reminded that the world does not actually revolve around me and that perhaps I need to get my butt into gear and stop being so antisocial towards people who only prod with a mind to connecting. ¬†Remind myself that half the year has gone, yes and while there is still so much I would like to accomplish, friends and strangers who could be friends, these are things that matter ever so much as well.


Kat touches the green

And We Went up into the Woods- Moose Point State Park, Maine

Look out, there. MaineAfter running around exploring the rocky coastline of Maine’s Moose Point State Park me and Kat headed down one of the trails leading into the woods. The smell of ocean and seaweed faded into the crispness of forest and damp leaves, our muffled footsteps taking us further into the quiet.

Moose Point State ParkThese Maine Trees
A little Maine ForestThe trees here smell like heaven Maine Woods

There were signs of people here, a white picket fence, a bench positioned towards trees, but in the time we spent there, we didn’t see a single person or hear anything besides the chirping of birds and the patter of raindrops on leaves.A fence here, Maine the red moss here Tree Branches at home Kat Climbs a Tree, in A dress no less Big Spruce Trail, Maine An overlook, and Kat

The green here was brilliant, illuminated against the shadows like sign posts to come closer, explore further. And we did. Kat made to climb trees even while in a dress and I ran behind her, my camera bumping against my hip, trying to capture the moments of being there, while enjoying the feeling of wild freedom, no responsibilities and clean air in our lungs. Its simple here A carpet of green Moss and dark Moose Trail Kat touches the green

Even though just a few hours later we would be in the mountains of New Hampshire, daring mortality with our escapades on slippery rocks down fast rivers, the quiet and calm in these Maine woods would remain a favorite memory for that day.