Rainbow trees in Texas

Under The Overpass, A Southern Gothic Sky – Rowlett, TX-66

Rainbow trees in Texas
The horizon over Rowlett, TX
Rowlett Sky
Under The Bridge, Rowlett TX
Rainbow Sky, Rowlett TX, fablesandcoffee
Under the Overpass, Rowlett TX

Exploring under the overpass, Rowlett TX

The highway, the sky- Rowlett TX

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away”

It’s odd how some songs just feel so appropriate to places, no matter how little they actually have to do with said place. Like memories you didn’t really have but somehow ended up with anyways, they insert themselves into the fold and leave imprints behind of feelings and impressions.

Usually when I go exploring in Texas, I find a town on a map I want to drive to, or an interesting landmark to seek out. This time was different.

I found myself driving back from the Futuro House and remembered the highway overpass that had taken us over a marshy lake, from where you could see the broken branches of trees rising above the waterline. And maybe it was because I didn’t really have plans for anywhere else to go that day, or maybe just something about the way the sun was starting to set in the sky… I’ll never be sure what it was that made me do it, but next thing I knew we were parking the car and setting off on foot to explore that odd little recreation area just outside of the nicer part of Rowlett.

After exploring the main area, where shores disappear into the true depths of the lake, we followed the revving engines of an adventurous lone dirt biker nearby, who was under the highway overpass doing determined, continuous laps back and forth-back and forth, like it was some kind of ritual.
(People do love their rituals here.)

We stayed a distance away, wanting to respect his prior claim to explore but, I think he wanted to talk to us; riding near us and looking over continuously, shiny helmet that reflected the setting sun never coming off. Finally though, after a long moment where he parked his bike just up ahead of where we were going to walk to and finding us slightly unwilling to come closer to a stranger lingering under the shadows of such a deserted area, he rode off, very literally, into the sunset.

We ourselves stayed until the sun set all the way beneath the waters; sky turned a deep and impossible purple, the kind that if you could taste colors, would taste like rich plums. We lingered until the insistent rustling of things in the bushes, of growing ripples in the water grew to such a fervor we knew it was probably time for us to make our way home.

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day.
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home”

P.S the rendition of this song,by Coeur De Pirate :

fablesandcoffee, texas photography

That Southern Gothic Feel- Trees In The Water

Far From Any Road, fablesandcoffee Texas
the colors of the dead trees fablesandcoffee, texas photography
Rowlett photography

Tree in the marshes

Trees in the Water, fablesandcoffee
Texas landscape photography, fablesandcoffee
Ducks in the lack, Rowlett
dead in the water, texas

Where does it come from, this longing I have to dip and tiptoe through drowned marshes under highway overpasses?
You could blame it on the imagery used so lusciously throughout the first season of True Detective. If you wanted to take it further back, you could go and pin it on fine-art photographer Richard Misrach. Or simple blame me and my continuous binging of southern-gothic flavored music, that instinct to listen to Johnny Cash while driving dusty Texas roads, trailer parks and abandoned cowboy towns littering the landscape.

Either way it ends with me digging my hands into the dry, cracked cement of an unused bridge to pull myself up onto it, so I can get a better view across. It ends with me breathing in the singular scent of earthy green and marshy water and listening to the sound of my feet squishing into none-too solid ground the cars in the near distance almost a world away.

It’s beautiful out here.

to help get you into that feel,

the red mountains, fables and coffee art

Topography Lessons in Crimson and Random Thoughts

topography love, red mountains fables and coffee, Red Mountains Fables and Coffee, mountains red mountains of Vulcan, idea the red mountains, fables and coffee art

I just finished having a truly epic sneezing fit, have made myself half-sick from eating too many Cadbury chocolate pieces and am currently writing this post whilst lying on my floor, so I can better hide from the gardener guy outside, who’s been tasked with the Herculean job of taming my houses wretched front and back yard.

So, it’s a good day all in all is what i’m saying.

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,

The red mountains, sleepy fables and coffee

The Red Mountains, The Red Planet – Odd Inspiration

FablesAndCoffee, the Red Mountains

fablesandcoffee, the Red Mountains
Inspired by Vulcan, wtf can I say?
The red mountains, sleepy fables and coffee

They call it the Red Planet.
Vulcan, that is. Not Mars.
And no one really calls it the red planet but yet, here we are.

Er, anyways, as always inspiration strikes in weird ways for me, and while currently i’m deep in the throes of Hamlet inspired single-mindedness, this piece, and another like it, were made about 2 months ago, before I got sucked under by worthy prose.

If you want to get a good idea of what inspired this series (because at this point I would really call it a series, considering there’s the urge for more redness itching under my fingers) you can give this mix a listen to, it’s something disastrously epic.


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June, The Month I Turned Into An Adult? – Musings

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the light through these here windows
the work area

Owning a house is…weird.
And I mean that in the best way possible…ok, no I don’t but, let me explain.

On the one hand, there’s this odd sense of pride, which I guess comes from ┬ácompleting a portion of the American Dream, owning property. And you’ve got to wonder, as off-the-rails-out-of-fucking-control as my life seems sometimes, I’ve got to be doing something right, right? But the thing is…I know that a whole bunch of people, all over the world, work excruciatingly hard to get to the point of home ownership and it’s not an easy process to go through, much less to get to. And then there’s me.
And how this whole thing just fell into my lap on a Sunday morning when I crawled out of bed still wrapped in my fluffy blanket, came out to the living room where my boyfriend was sitting in front of his computer researching local apartments cause our lease was up in 2 months, and he turned to me and said, “Hey so, I was thinking…what if we just bought a house instead?” and I mumbled something about coffee first, please.

We’re not well off people, not even close. We don’t live paycheck to paycheck but… we’re not exactly making it rain on a daily basis kind of deal. Circumstances just sort of… aligned, I guess would be a good word to use, in a perfectly weird way to get us to a point where we had the money for a down payment for a house, two months before we had to move out, and a friend who knew the best and most hardworking realtor i’ve ever had the good fortune to encounter.

Of course, the boyfriend decided that we should buy a house the exact week after I had put in my two weeks notice at work, so let me tell you, when I say my life is one big grab-bag of messed up luck and chance, I really do mean that. Because oddly enough, the fact that I didn’t have a job while we were looking for a house was the only reason we actually managed to get the chance to purchase the house we did. The way it works right now in North Texas, given the booming economy here, it’s truly a seller’s market. Listings our realtor would forward for us to look over would be Under Contract (two words we REALLY came to hate with a fervor) the very next day, before we could even decide whether to go look at them. So, with the boyfriend working 10-12 hour days with no chance of taking time off, it fell to me to go shooting off to look at multiple listings with our realtor, in the weirdest and most super stressful parody of Monopoly ever, both of us getting over-caffinated and picking apart each listing in her car while driving to the next, print outs and prices flying all over the place.

The house we picked, or I should say, the house I picked, ended up being a rather huge two story, beautiful house just a block away from the neighborhoods recreational lake and trails area of the neighborhood. And when I say that I picked it,you have no idea how very literal that is. I went to see the house, I fell in love with it (and the neighborhood cause good god man, the whole area is like this insanely idyllic, ducklings crossing, Wisteria Lane kind of deal that was just enchanting to me) , after which we raced back to the realtors office to put a bid on it, as it had only been on the market for a day at that point, so maybe we still had a chance at it. The boyfriend met us at her office, asked me if I liked the house, looked over the print out for it again, and put in a bid, sight unseen. I don’t know if he either trusts and loves me that much, or if he was just caught up in the house buying fever, but the fact that the decision to buy the house fell squarely on my shoulders, the person without a job currently, that was all kinds of surreal. But well, since my names on the title next to his and since he ended up loving the house, i’m going to call it a win.

Anyways, more than a month later, we’re here, in the house, and I still don’t have a job. That’s mostly been a conscious decision on our part, since somebody needed to be free to deal with closing issues, and then the whole moving and unpacking thing, and then being home so the house painter could come in and do their thing. But, now that it’s all done, I finally started looking for a new job in earnest. And, after some working my way through online assessments and questionnaires galore, a couple of interesting phone interviews, and exchanging some nerve-wracking emails (how concise is too concise? And do you send back a smiley back, if they sent you one first?), I have three interviews scheduled for next week, with three different companies, and no idea which one I actually want. And hoping no where else I applied to calls me back, because my head might just explode at that point.

But the point is, I’ve stopped wandering the house in my pj’s, drinking Dr. Pepper and binge watching Criminal Minds when I don’t feel like being creative. The point is, as much as the idea of sitting down for whatever the fudge a “behavioral interview” is, i’m putting on my big-girl pants and heading to the mall this weekend to buy shoes that don’t pinch my toes and put me on edge. I’m practicing my “trust me, i’m very responsible and don’t at all consider coffee a main food group” calm smile, and i’m practicing answering those annoying as-fuck “tell me about a time when…” questions. This, I think, is called progress. And while I don’t think it makes me an “adult”, I think i’m actually kind of somehow… adult-ing successfully.

For now, of course. There’s always the chance i’ll bomb all the interviews and end up selling everything to move to Alaska as was my original plan a year ago but… i’m gonna stay positive for now.

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,